Who We Are

MODAL [ˈmōdl]. We are a brewery-in-planning with big dreams of changing the artistic landscape and community culture of Saint Charles, IL, the Fox Valley, and beyond. Currently in fundraising and startup promotion phase, we are looking for local beer lovers, investors, and like-minded misfits who believe artists have the power to author our culture—to define it and create lasting positive change in our neighborhoods and around the world.

Who We Want to Become

Modal Community Brewing
is a community-grown, community-owned, and community-focused brewery, taproom, test kitchen, art creation space, and learning center located on the fringe of downtown Saint Charles, IL. We focus on providing our neighbors with high-quality arts, crafts and culinary programming and space for art creation while serving superior locally-made craft beer during events or any time. Our space will forever be free for artists to use as a place to create and share their work.

Our name derives from a musical term describing a song’s ability to exist in between keys. Always changing. Always moving and progressing. With no restful tonal center, all of us find ourselves in transience—but with a common goal: to make the world better.

By building a community around beer and art, a space where artists can thrive and art is given room to speak, by fostering an environment where we can learn and enjoy the creative process, a place for collaboration, food, and great beer, together we are Crafting Change.