“Don’t Recycle” Bottle Reuse Program

From its inception, we’ve wanted Modal Community to be a leader in environmental responsibility and conservation for the brewery industry. We are starting now, at the beginning of our beginning, with an ambitious goal:

With your help, to reuse 100% of all Modal Community glass bottles.

Here’s how.

1) {EDIT} We will accept any amber-colored pry-off crown bottles—even those shorties from places like Founder’s, Red Stripe, Coors, etc. Even the champagne-tapered bottles from Boulevard, Ommegang, or New Belgium are good to bring us. Our Modal Community bottles are still the best, though, because our labels are extremely easy to remove.

2) You don’t have to remove the labels! but…

3) You MUST rinse bottles 3 times with water before returning them. Sediment/Yeast/Sludge settles in the bottom of every beer bottle, and if it doesn’t get rinsed within a few hours of drinking, it hardens inside the bottles and becomes extremely difficult to clean—and sometimes even molds!

4) Bonus points if bottles are completely air-dried.

5) Bring ’em by or we’ll pick them up. 

6) Once Modal Community Brewing officially opens, we will be coupling our reuse program with significant discounts on beer purchases.


Just as a footnote, we want you to know that we are still learning about the environmental impacts of our packaging decisions. We don’t believe that we’ve got this issue all sorted out and have all the right answers. What we can say is that we are doing the best we can with the unbiased information we have. We aren’t content to simply follow along with the rest of the brewery industry or accept spoon-fed data from the aluminum/bauxite mining industry. We want to do what’s right for all of us and for our planet.

“Don’t Recycle” Bottle Reuse Program

Saison’s Greetings!

We’re feeling pretty good after brewing our last batch of beers—Saisons! That banana Belgian-y smell mixed with a good dose of hops (more than your average Saison). We’re planning to bottle on Saturday 12/22 and release on Sunday 12/23, first to our mailing list (GET ON IT if you aren’t already!) and then to the rest of the world. Yes, I would say being on the list is worth it. Pictured is a snapshot of our four completely full cornelius soda kegs. That’s over 200 bottles of beer. Over 50 bottles of each variant. More details to come on those. Cheers!


Saison’s Greetings!