25,000-Ounce Beer Giveaway Begins



With the release of our very first batch of beer produced on our 1-barrel commercial brewing system, we have officially started what will prove to be a massive endeavor to give away 25,000 ounces of beer to our friends, family, and neighbors ahead of our taproom grand opening. Beer. For free.

This sort of costly endeavor may sound like foolishness to many, but if we want people to eventually buy our products (beer, of course), there’s no better way to give them a reason to do so than to let them try it first, like it, and choose to come back for more.

But the idea behind Modal Community Brewing is so much more than just the quality of our beer. We don’t simply want to be just another brewery on the edge of suburban-Chicago sprawl. We all know there are plenty of fantastic options for drinking great beer in our area. Community is the centerpiece of what we want to be about and we take the idea so seriously that we’ve decided to put it right there in our name so everyone can see it.

Sharing our beer for free with friends and neighbors is the greatest way we could think of to begin building the kinds of relationships that we believe can change for the better our neighborhoods, culture, and world. Gathering together around art, food and great drinks in a safe place is a primary vehicle for social change.

We want to support our local arts scene in huge ways, regularly give to our local charities, encourage our art and entrepreneurship students, and provide our community with a comfortable learning space—a place to share ideas, challenge how we look at the world, and enjoy fun creative activities, including cooking, chef demos, DIY crafting, music concerts, and so much more.

You can support our brewery-in-planning today by simply picking up an item in our online store or by making a bigger contribution. Consider it.

Together we are Crafting Change.

25,000-Ounce Beer Giveaway Begins

We Bought a Thing

Hey. We got serious.

We bought a thing.

We bought a brewery. No, not a place. A thing. It’s the name of the thing that makes the beers. The system we bought can make a whole barrel of beer (31.5 gallons) at a time. Some day soon, we’d like to brew at capacity; but we can’t do that until we are licensed by the city, state, and federal governments to do so. Patience, grasshopper.

Here’s a link to what we got.

We Bought a Thing

What’s Your Favorite Style?

Creating beer recipes is pretty difficult to do. I mean, it’s actually not difficult, but what’s difficult is predicting how your equipment and ingredients used will affect flavor. It’s been said that beer brewing is equal parts science and art, and I believe that.

We are taking our time to really dial in recipes that we love—to develop what will become our “flagship” beers. You know, the stuff we always have on tap no matter the day. I’ve been doing some reading on the subject and one brewmaster suggests making sure that you offer “a beer for everyone”. Meaning: every person will be able to find at least one beer on tap that she enjoys. Now that’s a daunting task! In the U.S., that basically means having a pilsner at the ready… but one must “up the game,” as it were.

We are big into large, floral, hoppy beers like the new NEIPA, but we are also into the drinkable, full-bodied dark milk stouts as well as the barrel-aged stuff. And we do, indeed, love a good pilsner. An IPA is nearly mandatory.

So our question to you is simple: what beer style would you like to see us offer every single day of the year?

What’s Your Favorite Style?

All the Boring Stuff

Hey! I met with members of the Saint Charles economic development team this past week and guess what!?!? They think opening a space like Modal is a great idea! Who would have thought? Oh wait….

I showed up to the meeting with a nice, simple business canvas and made sure to let them know about the core essentials: target market, services provided, financing, and such.

What got them most excited was the idea of community ownership and partnership. It was clear to them that this isn’t going to be your typical mom and pop-type operation. It’s going to be *your* operation. So thank you. You’re going to love what we build together.

All the Boring Stuff